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1 - 10 von 1817
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Bücher 1.  Explaining economic growth : essays in honour of Angus Maddison ; [proceedings of the Conference "Explaining Economic Growth" held from 8 to 10 April 1992 at the University of Groningen]
/ Szirmai, Adam. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : North-Holland, 1993
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 2.  Reasons humbly offer'd for amending and explaining an Act, made in the tenth year of Her Majesty's reign, intitled, An act for regulating, improving, and encouraging the woollen-manufacture, of mixt or medly broad cloth, &c
[Online-Ausg.]. - [London] : s.n, [1714]
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 3.  Lingua Britannica reformata : or, a new universal English dictionary, under the following titles, viz. I. Universal; Containing a Definition and Explication of all the Words now used in the English Tongue, in every Art, Science, Faculty, or Trade. II. Etymological; Exhibiting and Explaining the true Etymon or Original of Words from their respective Mother-Tongues, the Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Saxon; and their Idioms, the French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, &c. III. Orthographical; Teaching the True and Rational Method of Writing Words, according to the Usage of the most approved Modern Authors. IV. Orthoepical; Directing the true Pronunciation of Words by single and double Accents; and by Indicating the Number of Syllables in Words where they are doubtful, by a Numerical Figure. V. Diacritical; Enumerating the various Significations of Words in a proper Order, viz. Etymological, Common, Figurative, Poetical, Humorous, Technical, &c. in a Manner not before attempted. VI. Philological; Explaining all the Words and Terms, according to the Modern Improvements in the various Philological Sciences, viz Grammar, Rhetoric, Legic, Metaphysics, Mythology, Theology, Ethics, &c. Vii. Mathematical; Not only explaining all the Words in Arithmetic, Algebra, Logarithms, Fluxions, Geometry, Couics, Dialling, Navigation, &c. according to the Modern Newtonian Mathesis; but the Terms of Art are illustrated by proper Examples, and Copper-Plate Figures. Viii. Philosophical; Explaining all Words and Terms in Astronomy, Geography, Optics, Hydrostatics, Acoustics, Mechanics, Perspective. &c. according to the latest Discoveries and Improvements in this Part of Literature. By Benj. Martin
/ Martin, Benjamin. - The second edition, greatly improved and augmented. [Online-Ausg.]. - London : printed for C. Hitch and L. Hawes, J. Hodges, J. Newbery, W. Owen, J. Ward, W. Clarke, J. Leake, and W. Frederick, at Bath; and B. Collins, at Salisbury, MDCCLIV. [1754]
Bücher 4.  Die Hitler-Debatte : auf der Suche nach dem Ursprung des Bösen
/ Rôzenbaum, Rôn. - München : Europa-Verl., 1999
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 5.  Explaining Darfur : four lectures on the ongoing genocide
/ Salih, Mohamed Abdel Rahim Mohamed. - Online-Ausg.. - Amsterdam : Vossiuspers UvA, c2006
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 6.  Explaining growth in the Middle East
/ Nugent, Jeffrey B.. - 1st ed. - Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2006
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 7.  By the King. A proclamation for explaining and enlarging his Maiesties former orders for buildings, in and about London
/ James <King of England>. - [Imprinted at London : By Robert Barker, and Iohn Bill, printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie, 1620
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 8.  Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two : Act in addition unto, and for amending and explaining the act made in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, laying certain duties of excise on certain articles therein mentioned, for the purpose of paying the interest on government securities
/ Massachusetts. - S.l. : Printed by Edward Eveleth Powars, [1782] Dieser Titel besitzt einen Volltextverweis
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 9.  Short questions and answers, plainely opening and explaining both the nature and also the vse of the sacraments of baptisme and the Lords Supper : Very profitable for all those who desire to know the nature and vse of the said sacraments. By Richard Preston, preacher of the Word of God at Rushden in Northhampton shiere
/ Preston, Richard. - London : Printed by N[icholas] O[kes] for Iohn Bellamine [i.e. Bellamie], and are to be sold at the south entrance of the Royall Exchange [in the shop of N. Bourne], 1621
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 10.  Reasons humbly offer'd, for amending and explaining an act, made in the tenth year of Her Majesty's reign, intitled, An act for regulating, improving, and encouraging the woollen-manufacture, of mixt or medly broad cloth, &c
/ Great Britain / Parliament. - [London? : s.n, 1714
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1 - 10 von 1817
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1 - 10 von 1817
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