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Bücher 1.  Young learners
/ Phillips, Sarah. - 3. impr. - Oxford [u.a.] : Oxford Univ. Press, 1995
Bücher 2.  Young learners
/ Phillips, Sarah. - 10. impr. - Oxford [u.a.] : Oxford University Press, 2003
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 3.  Evaluating political reform in Yemen
/ Phillips, Sarah. - Washington, DC [u.a.] : Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2007
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 4.  What comes next in Yemen? Al-Qaeda, the tribes, and state-building
/ Phillips, Sarah. - Washington DC [u.a.] : Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2010
Aufsätze 5.  Yemen : The Centrality of Process
/ Phillips, Sarah. - In: Beyond the façade (2008), S.231-260
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 6.  Venepuncture and Cannulation
/ Phillips, Sarah. - Online-Ausg.. - Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2011
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 7.  The ladies handmaid : Or, A compleat system of cookery; on the principals of elegance and frugality. Wherein the useful art of cookery is rendered plain, easy and familiar: containing the best approved, yet least expensive receipts in every branch of housewifry, viz. roasting, boiling, made-dishes, soups, sauces, jellies, ragouts, fricasses, tarts, cakes, creams, custards, pastry, pickling, jarring, &c. And every other branch of cookery and good housewifery, too tedious to be enumerated in a title page. Together with instructions for carving and bills of fare for every month in the year. Embellished with variety of curious copper-plates, representing the genteelest method of disposing or placing the dishes, trussing fowls, &c. Also the best approved method of clear-starchig. By Mrs. Sarah Phillips, of Duke-Street
/ Phillips, Sarah. - [Online-Ausg.]. - London : Printed for J. Coote, at the King's-Arms, opposite Devereux-Court, in the Strand, M,DCC,LVIII. [1758]
Aufsätze 8.  Tracing the cracks in the Yemeni system
/ Phillips, Sarah. - In: The Arab revolts (2013), S.137-143
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 9.  Venepuncture and cannulation
/ Dougherty, Lisa. - Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
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