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Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 1.  The law of testaments and last wills : Containing all that is necessary to be known and practised by testators and their executors, administrators, &c. As also, what relates to the Distribution of the Estates of Intestates. In the following Particulars. The different Kinds of Testaments and Last Wills: By whom to be made: How to be executed: and, By what Means revocable. What Persons are, or are not, capable of making a Testament. How Lands pass by a Will; and for what Estates: With the Nature of Devises of all Kinds. The Nature of a Legacy: How it differs from a Donatio Mortis Causâ, or Gift by Reason of Death: When, and to whom, to be paid: When to be abated or refunded. What relates to Interest and Maintenance: Devises to Charitable Uses, &c. The Customs of London, &c. The Revocation of a Testament, Republication, &c. Who may be an Executor: His Power: How limited: His Duty: Refusal of the Executorship: Probat, &c. What Things the Executor shall have, and what the Heir. The Bona Paraphernalia; or Wife's Cloaths, Jewels, Ornaments, &c. What shall be Assets, &c. What Debts be first paid, &c. Who shall be an Executor de son tort, or of his own Wrong. How far liable to Creditors and Legatees, &c. To whom, and by whom, Administration shall be committed. The Power of an Administrator durante minori aetate, or during the Infancy of another Person. The Repeal of an Administration: Its Effects, &c. In what Manner an Intestate's Estate shall be distributed, &c. &c. Compiled by a gentleman of the law, for his own private Instruction, and now first published by his Permission
/ Richardson, Robert. - [Online-Ausg.]. - [London] : In the Savoy: printed by Henry Lintot, (assignee of Edw. Sayer, Esq;) for J. Osborn, at the Golden Ball in Pater-Noster Row, 1744
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 2.  Questions in daily urologic practice : updates for urologists and diagnostic pathologists
/ Oyasu, Ryoichi. - [Online-Ausg.]. - Tokyo : Springer Japan, 2008
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 3.  Davids faith and repentance : or a treatise, wherin is taught what a liuely faith, what vnfained repentance, what pure religion, what grieuous tentations, what great frailtie Gods children haue: and how notwithstanding by Gods spirit, his word, his sacraments, his prouidence, &c. they are vpholden vnto their liues end
/ Holland, Henry. - Imprinted at London : By R. Field, 1589
Filme, Videos, etc. 4.  Leonard Bernstein's young ... / Vol. 1, What does music mean?
/ Bernstein, Leonard. - Oberhaching : Unitel GmbH & Co. KG, [2018]
Bücher 5.  Cancer risk communication: what we know and what we need to learn : December 10 - 11, 1998
/ Conference on Cancer Risk Communication: What We Know and What We Need to Learn <1998>. - Bethesda, Md. : Oxford Univ. Press, 1999
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 6.  A common law treatise of usury, and usurious contracts: are said Usurious in our Law. What Contracts are Usurious or not, in respect of Contingency, or Probability, or in respect of the Times of Payment; Or in respect of Subsequent Agreements, or Receipts after the first Contract made. In what Cases the Contract shall be taken as a Penalty, or in Nature of a Nomine Poenae, and not as Usurious. Of Goods, Chattels, &c. and not barely Loan of Money. Wherein is also added. Explication of the several Statutes against Usury, with many Cases of Brokers. Informations on the Statutes, either upon Loanes or Receipts, as the Case is, with safe Directions to draw them; In what Court, and within what Time to be brought. And Presidents of Forfeitures and Penalties. Of Pleading the Statute of Usury, to avoid Bonds, &c. Pleadings as to Loan or Receipts, What Averment may be made to draw the Contract out of the Statute of Usury. Evidence, Tryal, Verdict in Informations, &c
[Online-Ausg.]. - London : printed for John Wickins, and are to be sold by Robert Gosling, at the Mitre over against Chancery-Lane-End, [1710?]
Bücher 7.  Was ist Literatur?
/ Kaus, Rainer J.. - Berlin : Frank & Timme, Verlag für wissenschaftliche Literatur, [2017]
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 8.  What was socialism, and what comes next?
/ Verdery, Katherine. - Princeton, N.J : Princeton University Press, 1996
Bücher 9.  Twins as a tool of behavioral genetics : report of the Dahlem Workshop on What Are the Mechanisms Mediating the Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Behavior? Twins as a Tool of Behavioral Genetics, held in Berlin, 17 - 22 May 1992
/ Bouchard, Thomas J.. - Chichester [u.a.] : Wiley, 1993
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 10.  The law of testaments and last wills : What is necessary to be known by Testators, their Executors, Administrators, &c also what relates to the Distribution of Intestates Estates. What Persons are or are not capable of making a Testament; how Lands pass by Will, Nature of Devises and of Legacies to charitable Uses, &c. The Customs of London, &c. What Things the Executor, and what the Heir shall have of the Bona Paraphernalia, Cloaths, Ornaments, &c. Of assets, and what Debts to be paid first: To whom Administration shall be granted, their Power, &c. Who shall be an Executor of his own Wrong: How far liable to Creditors and Legatees, &c. Compiled by Robert Richardson, Gent. Author of the Attorney's Practice, Four Volumes
/ Richardson, Robert. - The second edition, with improvements. [Online-Ausg.]. - London : printed by His Majesty's law printers; for J. Worrall and Co. in Bell-Yard, J. and F. Rivington in St. Paul's Church-Yard, W. Johnston in Ludgate-Street, S. Bladon, G. Robinson and J. Roberts in Paternoster-Row, 1769
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1 - 10 von 17889
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1 - 10 von 17889
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