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Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 1.  Barriers to Entry and Growth of New Firms in Early Transition : A Comparative Study of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Albania and Lithuania
/ Hoshi, Iraj. - Boston, MA : Springer US, 2003
Bücher 2.  Entry barriers and market entry decisions : a guide for marketing executives
/ Karakaya, Fahri. - 1. publ. - New York [u.a.] : Quorum Books, 1991
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 3.  An epitome of book-keeping by double entry : delineated on a scale suited to the faculties and comprehension of senior school boys and youth, designed for the mercantile line ; comprising systematic and unerring rules for the forming monthly statements of books, as well as those for opening, conducting, adjusting, and closing them ; with explanations of theory, and exhibitions of practice, rendered easy to the smallest capacity, and calculated to initiate them in the true principles, and to make them perfect in the rules, by a little practice ; to which are added, rules for keeping retail books by double entry, without altering the process of single entry in the day-book or journal, for all sales of merchandize, by which one half the writing is saved, and the ledger exonerated from items, and rendered a prompt and sure proof of monthly balances and annual profits ; also the most easy, concise, and safe way of calculating any rate per cent., and especially that of interest at six per cent. per annum
/ Turner, Thomas. - Portland [Me.] : Printed by Jenks & Shirley, for Thomas Clark, 1804 Dieser Titel besitzt einen Volltextverweis
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 4.  Entry of steamships. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting a copy of Senate Bill 1886, "a Bill To Facilitate the Entry of steamships," and recommending its speedy passage. April 17, 1894. -- Referred to the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, and ordered to be printed
/ United States / Congress. - [Online-Ausg.]. - Washington, DC, 1894
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 5.  Text entry systems : mobility, accessibility, universality
/ MacKenzie, I. Scott. - Online-Ausg.. - San Francisco, Calif. : Morgan Kaufmann, 2007
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 6.  A treatise on the law of forcible entry and detainer : and related topics
/ Cunningham, William Bennett. - 2nd ed. - Chicago : T.H. Flood, 1895
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 7.  By the King. Wee haue since our entry into this realme of England, had speciall care to make all our subiects know : with how equall affection we resolued to proceed in all things which should concerne the safetie or honour of our kingdomes
/ James <I>. - Imprinted at London : by Robert Barker, printer to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, 1603
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 8.  The triumphant and sumptuous arch erected by the Company of English Marchants residing in Lisbone, vpon the Spanish Kings entry made thereinto : Togither with the architecture thereof described, the painted quadrants, the figures of halfe and whole stature, the ornaments, iewels, rich vestiments, the histories, ænigmes therein employed, with their declarations; and the Latine mottoes, and Spanish verses expressed in English. Wherein also, mention is made of the magnificent present the Duke of Braganza gaue to the King, the number of the traine that followed him, the wonderfull prouisions, and buildings set vp for the Grandes of Spaine, with the other lords and seruants of his Maiesties court, the salues of artillery, with the fires and lights that were made all ouer the citie, on the day that he came within sight thereof, to Almada, a place on the other side of the riuer, halfe a league distant, and right ouer against Lisbone. Faithfully translated out of the Spanish originall
London : Printed by E[dward] G[riffin] for Henry Seile, at the Tygers head in Paules Churchyard, 1619
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 9.  Toledo a port of entry. Resolution of the Board of Trade of Toledo, asking that Toledo be made a port of entry. April 18, 1871. -- Referred to the Committee on Commerce
/ United States / Congress. - [Online-Ausg.]. - Washington, DC, 1871
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 10.  Albany a port of entry. Resolutions of the Legislature of New York, asking that Albany be made a port of entry. April 29, 1872. -- Referred to the Committee on Commerce and ordered to be printed
/ United States / Congress. - [Online-Ausg.]. - Washington, DC, 1872
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