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Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 1.  Athenian sport: or, two thousand paradoxes merrily argued, to amuse and divert the age: as a Paradox in praise of a Paradox. Corporeal Affections remain after Separation. The Eye beholds as much when it looks on a Shilling, as when it speculates the whole Heaven. Inconstancy is a most commendable Virtue. Every Man is corporally born twice. No Man sees but he that is stark blind. The Restor'd Maidenhead, or a marry'd Woman may be twice a Virgin. Athenian, or Intellectual, Sport is the Recreation of Pre-Existent Spirits. 'tis the Pleasantest Life to be always in Danger. The same numerical Voice of a Preacher is not heard by any two of his Auditors. What we call Life, is Natural Death. Content is the greatest Misery. He is the Happiest Man who has neither Mony nor Friend. Fruition's nothing, or a Paradox proving there's no Pleasure in Copulation. To imprison a Debtor is to set him at Liberty. Green come from the Dead, or no Man lives but he that is Hang'd. The Virgin-Paradox, or a Young Lady may Love and Hate the same Person at the same Time. The Loving Shrew, or the Kindest Women are the most Cruel. And so on, to the Defence of 2000 Paradoxes (or Pleasant Theses) which seem Strange, and Contrary to the Common Opinion. With Improvements from the Honourable Mr. Boyle, Lock, Norris Collier, Cowley, Dryden, Garth, Addison, and other Illustrious Wit. By a member of the Athenian Society
/ Dunton, John. - [Online-Ausg.]. - London : printed for B. Bragg in Pater-Noster-Row, 1707
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 2.  Louisa Wharton. A story founded on facts: written by herself, in a series of letters to a friend. Wherein is Displayed Some particular Circumstances which happened during the bloody Contest in America. I. Louisa's Father and Mother go to Bath; the Amusements of that Place described, &c. II. Some Account of Captain Truman and his Family; he falls in Love with Louisa; her Brother arrives from Philadelphia, and confirms the War having broke out. III. Captain Truman is ordered with his Regiment to America; Louisa is greatly alarmed, &c. IV. Truman takes Leave of Louisa with the greatest Tenderness; she gives him her Picture in Miniature; he gives her a Ring, and they vow mutual Constancy. V. Louisa's Father goes to London, from thence, with George his Son, sets out for Philadelphia. VI. A Letter from young Truman, full of tender expressions, &c. Vii. A Letter from her Brother, relates the Death of her Father, and the Confiscation of all their Property; they are greatly distressed; and Louisa is slighted by Sir James, &c. Viii. The History of Charlotte Modish, and Lord Squander. IX. Louisa and her Mother in a deplorable situation; she gets some Needle work to do, and is admired for her singing: Lord Squander tries to seduce her, &c. X. Fanny is very kind, but goes into the Country; Louisa hears the dismal News that Truman is taken by the Enemy, and condemned by way of Retaliation, &c. XI. A Letter from Fanny, gives an Account of an Uncle, who is very rich by Accident: he gives them Money, comes to Town, &c. XII. She hears that young Truman is released; he comes to England with her Brother; they all meet at the House of Louisa, and all Parties are made happy by Marriage
/ Wharton, Louisa. - [Online-Ausg.]. - London : printed and sold by T. Sabine, No. 81, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street, [1780?]
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 3.  The history of Mary Ann Edwards, or, the capricious beauty. Containing, I. An account of her birth and parents, her education and growth in beauty, wit and understanding. II. Mr. Williams falls in love with her, she slights him, he writes a song on her, but she is still the same, he writes a letter, she answers it scornfully. III. He asks her father's leave to address her, he consults his daughter's affection, and finding she dislikes him, orders him not to come any more to the house; Mr. Williams attempts to drown himself, is prevented and restored, has a sever and is like a madman. IV. Mr. Edwards, and his daughter and family go to Bath, her fondness for admiration is described, which increases every day, at last falls in love with Captain B - d, as he does with her, obtains leave of her father to court her, is permitted. Letters from each other. V. Williams finds her out at Bath, sends a letter, which Captain B-d seeing, is jealous, sends her a letter, and she returns an impertinent answer, he finds out Williams, they fight a duel, and Williams is wounded. VI. Mary Ann elopes, and it is thought she has made away with herself, a strange discovery, a letter from her to Williams, another from Williams to Mr. Edwards, Mary Ann intends going abroad, and putting herself in a nunnery for life. Vii. Williams is married to a lady he was betrothed to before, and who had been lost to her friends for three years. Viii. Captain B----d goes in search of Mary Ann, enquires at all the sea ports but in vain, finds her at last by the direction of a letter at an Inn, very ill and in disguise, takes her home, they are married, and all parties are happy
[Online-Ausg.]. - [London] : Printed and sold by A. Hambleton, [1790?]
Zeitschriften/Serien (ohne Online-Zeitschr.) 4.  IS-Information
/ Institut für Stadtforschung. - Wien : Inst., 1973-
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 5.  Questions in daily urologic practice : updates for urologists and diagnostic pathologists
/ Oyasu, Ryoichi. - [Online-Ausg.]. - Tokyo : Springer Japan, 2008
Bücher 6.  Iv[ane] J̌avaxišvilis saxelobis samc'xe-ǰavaxet'is istoriul-et'nograp'iuli muzeumis xelnacert'a aġceriloba
/ Abulaje, Ilia. - T'bilisi : Mec'niereba, 1987
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 7.  Two books of Mr Sydrach Simpson, late master of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridg; and preacher of the Gospel in London. Viz. I. Of unbelief; or the want of readiness to lay hold on the comfort given by Christ. II. Not going to Christ for life and salvation is an exceeding great sin, yet it is pardonable : In the first book is shewed (besides many other things) 1 What unbelief it is that is here spoken of ... 7 Helps to attain readiness in beleeving. In the second book is shewed, 1 That unbelief is a great sin, and exceeding provoking unto God ... 7 God hath pardoned unbelief, and wil pardon it
/ Simpson, Sidrach. - London : printed by Peter Cole, printer and book-seller, at the sign of the Printing-press, in Corn-hill, neer the Royall Exchange, 1658
Zeitschriften/Serien (ohne Online-Zeitschr.) 8.  Publikationen des Instituts für Stadtforschung
/ Institut für Stadtforschung. - Wien : Inst., 1972-1993
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 9.  A breef discour[s] wherin is declared, of y[e] trauailes an[d] miseries of this painful life, & that death is t[he] dissoluer of mans miserie. Gathered out of d[i]uers good writers, by Leonard Staueley. Wh[er]vnto is annexed the authors muse of this life, in English vearse and his prayse likewise of vertue, felicitie and true sentillitie
/ Staveley, Leonard. - Imprinted at London : At the long shop adioyning vnto Saint Mildreds Church in the Pultrie by Iohn Allde, 1575
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 10.  A lecture on high fits of zeal; or, Mrs. Cadiere's raptures. Flights beyond the Third Heaven, what a Rapture is, and a Religious Rapture; whether Mrs. Cadiere's Transports were Religious, Father Girard's Duty in that Case; what that Joy of Mind and Heart is that is right in Religion, and what is not so, how far Joy is a Test, what were the Raptures of the Apostles and Prophets, whether Heaven will be rapturous, and when it is that the Understanding and Will begin to be Enthusiastic. The Case of a Spiritual Guide decided, and an Answer to the Popish Argument for the Church, that we take the Scripture from the Church, a Point as yet unattempted, and Essential to all Lovers of Devotion. II. Tracts on other subjects, in humane and divine learning. The third edition. By J. Henley, M.A
/ Henley, John. - [Online-Ausg.]. - London : printed by J. Stephens, for David Gardiner in Clement's Inn Passage; to be had at other pamphlet shops, and at the Oratory by Lincoln's Inn-Fields, [1732?]
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