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Zeitschriften/Serien (ohne Online-Zeitschr.) 1.  Texts and studies of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America
/ Jewish Theological Seminary of America. - New York, NY : Inst., 1909-1982
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 2.  Resolved, that the standing order of the House, of the 27th of April 1774, which directs, that, in all bills for inclosures there be inserted a clause, compelling the commissioners to account for all monies by them laid out, and assessed on the Parties concerned, in the said Inclosures, be repealed. Resolved, That, in all Bills for Inclosures there be inserted a Clause, compelling the Commissioners to keep, at the Office of their Clerk, a Book of Accounts, open, at all reasonable Times during the Progress of the Inclosure, and till the Accounts are finally settled, for the Inspection of any of the Proprietors: Which Book shall contain an Entry of the Particulars of all Sums of Money raised or expended by virtue of any Powers granted by the Act; under a Penalty, on such Commissioners or their Clerk, for neglecting or refusing the same: And also a Clause, providing that all Monies to be raised under and by virtue of the Powers contained in such Act, shall, as often as the same shall amount to the Sum of Fifty Pounds, be paid into the Hands of some Banker, or of such other Person or Persons as shall be approved by a Majority of such Proprietors; and that no Monies be issued out of the Hands of such Banker, or other Person or Persons, without an Order of the Commissioners, specifying the Person to whom the same are payable, and the Service for which the same are due; and that the Balance, if any, upon the final Settlement of Accounts, shall be immediately repaid to the Land Owners, in proportion to the Sums respectively paid by them: And also a Clause, providing that the final Award shall be read, and signed by the Commissioners, in the Presence of the Proprietors, at a Special General Meeting called for that Purpose, of which Ten Days Notice at least shall be given in some News-Paper, to be named, circulating within the County; and that such Award shall be proclaimed the next Sunday in the Parish Church; from the Time of which Proclamation the same shall be considered as compleat for the Purpose of Appeal
/ Great Britain / Parliament. - [Online-Ausg.]. - [London] : s.n, [1799]
Zeitschriften/Serien (ohne Online-Zeitschr.) 3.  Bulletin
/ International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage / Deutsches Nationales Komitee. - Bonn : Kuratorium f. Kulturbauwesen, 1973-1978
Bücher 4.  Dokumenty po istorii i kulʹture evreev v archivach Belarusi : putevoditelʹ
/ Kupoveckij, Mark S.. - Moskva : RGGU, 2003
Bücher 5.  Dokumenty po istorii i kulʹture evreev v archivach Moskvy: putevoditelʹ
/ Kupoveckij, Mark S.. - Moskva : RGGU [u.a.], 1997
Bücher 6.  The uses of tradition : Jewish continuity in the modern era
/ Wertheimer, Jack. - New York [u.a.] : Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1993
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 7.  Cooke's pocket edition, superbly embellished, of Hume's history of England, from the invasion of Julius Cæsar, to the abdication of James II. With the author's last corrections and improvements, to be comprized in only 36 numbers, price six-pence each. Printed in octo-decimo, or eighteens, being the same pocket size as the select novel. To which will be added a continuation, by Dr. Smollett, from the abdication of James II to the death of George II. And a farther continuation, to the present time, by T. A. Llyod, Esq. Being the most superb and cheap edition ever yet published, the whole embellished with upwards of 60 elegant engravings, the major part of which will represent the principal events recorded in the history, and the remainder will comprise a complete series of whole-length portraits of all the monarchs who have swayed the British sceptre from William the Conqueror to his present majesty, George III, habited in the dresses of the times in which they lived. This day published, no. I price only six-pence, containing the unusual quantity of 144 pages, including the life of the author, written byhimself, printed upon an elegant new type, and on paper of an excellent quality. Embellished with 1. an elegant frontispiece:- 2. a vignette titlepage;- 3. a vignette dedication, with a protrait of his majesty. And on Saturday next will be published, no. II. The following numbers to be published in regular succession till the whole is completed, of Hume's history of England, with Smollett's and Lloyd's continuation, down to the year 1794. Plan and conditions of the work. I. That this work shall be printed on a beautiful new Burgeois type, purposely calculated to comprise a great quantity of matter in a small compass; and by avoiding useless blanks, before and after the chapters, introduced in former editions of Hume, to enlarge them to an unnecessary and voluminous extent, the public will now be presented with an edition of Hume's history of England at less than half the expence which has ever been affixed to the cheapest edition. It will also be printed on paper of an excelent texture and quality. II. Each number, price only six-pence, chall be embellished with one elegant engraving, and some of them with two, executed by Arthur Hugh in estimation, and strikingly picturesque of the most material incidents that occur in the history. III. In the course of the history, will be given a compleat series of whole length portraits of all the British monarchs, from William the Conqueror, to his present majesty. IV. In order to accommodate the curious, a superior edition will be struck off on warehouse, William paper, of the finest texture, curiously hot-pressed. It will contain the first impressions of the plates, which will be worked off in the manner of proofs; and in every other respect will maintain a superiority of nature and elegance. From the united expences attendant on these extra embellishments, will be affixed the additional charge of only six-pence each number
/ Cooke, Charles. - Online-Ausg.. - London : Printed for C. Cooke, No. 17, Pater-Noster-Row, and to be had of all booksellers and news-men city and country. to be careful to give orders for Cooke's pocket edition of Hume, [1793]
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 8.  Shakspeare. The admirers of this author are informed : that a new and splendid edition of his plays and poems, in fifteen volumes, Royal Quarto, With the Corrections and Illustrations of various Commentators, an historical account of the english stage, revised and augmented, a new life of Shakspeare, and various dissertations and notes, By Edmond Malone, Esq. Will be put to press in April next. The Plays will be arranged in the Order in which they are supposed by Mr. Malone to have been written. The Types and Paper will be of the best Quality that can be procured, and will be made on Purpose for this Work. Mess. Robinson and Heath, proprietors of this splendid edition of Shakspeare, Intend to embellish it with a Set of highly finished Prints, all of which will be engraved by Mr. Heath, from pictures to be painted on purpose for this work by Mr. Stothard. And as the Work will be extremely expensive to the Proprietors, that the Number of Copies to be printed may be ascertained, they mean to publish it on the following conditions. 1. The whole Work shall be comprised in Fifteen Volumes, Quarto, and printed with new Types cast by Caslon, upon a Royal Paper, made by Whatman
[Online-Ausg.]. - [London] : s.n, [1792]
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 9.  The law of testaments and last wills : Containing all that is necessary to be known and practised by testators and their executors, administrators, &c. As also, what relates to the Distribution of the Estates of Intestates. In the following Particulars. The different Kinds of Testaments and Last Wills: By whom to be made: How to be executed: and, By what Means revocable. What Persons are, or are not, capable of making a Testament. How Lands pass by a Will; and for what Estates: With the Nature of Devises of all Kinds. The Nature of a Legacy: How it differs from a Donatio Mortis Causâ, or Gift by Reason of Death: When, and to whom, to be paid: When to be abated or refunded. What relates to Interest and Maintenance: Devises to Charitable Uses, &c. The Customs of London, &c. The Revocation of a Testament, Republication, &c. Who may be an Executor: His Power: How limited: His Duty: Refusal of the Executorship: Probat, &c. What Things the Executor shall have, and what the Heir. The Bona Paraphernalia; or Wife's Cloaths, Jewels, Ornaments, &c. What shall be Assets, &c. What Debts be first paid, &c. Who shall be an Executor de son tort, or of his own Wrong. How far liable to Creditors and Legatees, &c. To whom, and by whom, Administration shall be committed. The Power of an Administrator durante minori aetate, or during the Infancy of another Person. The Repeal of an Administration: Its Effects, &c. In what Manner an Intestate's Estate shall be distributed, &c. &c. Compiled by a gentleman of the law, for his own private Instruction, and now first published by his Permission
/ Richardson, Robert. - [Online-Ausg.]. - [London] : In the Savoy: printed by Henry Lintot, (assignee of Edw. Sayer, Esq;) for J. Osborn, at the Golden Ball in Pater-Noster Row, 1744
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 10.  Mr. Mason's Bible with notes : This day is published, no.I. price sixpence, (to be continued weekly) of the Holy Bible, containing the sacred text of the old and new testament at large. With explanatory notes on the most interesting passages. By the Rev. Henry Cox Mason, M. A. Morning Preacher and Lecturer of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey; and Chaplain to the Rt. Hon. Lord Onssow. Conditions. I. That the Work shall be printed in Quarto, on fine Royal Paper made for this purpose. II. That the Print shall be elegant; new Types having been cast on purpose, by Mr. Caston. III. That the Work shall be fully completed in 70 Numbers, at Sixpence each: but if it should unavoidably exceed that quantity, the overplus shall be given gratis so that this valuable Edition of the Holy Scriptures with Notes, may be had at the very moderate price 1l. 15s. IV. That every succeeding Number shall be as well executed as the first, both as to Paper and Print, and that a Number thall be regularly published every Saturday till the whole is finished. Also, this Day is Published (price One Shilling). No. 1. Of the same Work, printed on the best move super-royal Paper, Hot-Pressed, to be also continued weekly, and compicted in 70 Numbers, which will be one of the most clegant Editions of the Bible in the English Language. The whole of the Old Testament and a part of the New being already printed, such persons as prefer taking two or three Numbers weekly, may be assured of being supplied regularly till the whole is finished. London: painted for V. Grifftths, No. 1. Paternoster-Row; And sold by all Booksellers and News-Carriers in the Kingdom
[Online-Ausg.]. - [London] : s.n, [1798]
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