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Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 1.  Subjects for consideration : extracted from Reynold's Compassionate address
/ Reynolds, John. - Middlebury, Vt : Re-printed by J.D. Huntington, 1808 Dieser Titel besitzt einen Volltextverweis
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 2.  A tender and compassionate call to profane swearers : and takers of the holy name of God in vain. By Joshua Middleton
/ Middleton, Joshua. - [Online-Ausg.]. - Newcastle upon Tyne : printed by Leonard Umfreville, [1735?]
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 3.  Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People : Liturgical Foundations of Christian Spirituality
/ Hurd, Bob. - Collegeville : Liturgical Press, 2019
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 4.  A serious and compassionate inquiry into the causes of the present neglect and contempt of the Protestant religion and Church of England : with several seasonable considerations offer'd to all English Protestants, tending to perswade them to a complyance with and conformity to the religion and government of this church as it is established by the laws of the Kingdom
/ Goodman, John. - The fourth edition corrected and enlarged. - London : printed for Luke Meredith, at the Star in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1693
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 5.  John's earnest request: or, Betty's compassionate love extended to him in time of distress : Late in the night, when all was fast, John came in both cold and wet, and after some few words were past, her lover in she let. To a pleasant new tune much in request. This may be printed, R.P
[London] : Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden-Ball in Pye-corner, 1685/1688
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 6.  Compassionate warning and advice to all, especially to young persons : Being the gift of the author, Richard Baxter
/ Baxter, Richard. - [Online-Ausg.]. - London : printed for J. Luntley, at the Three Bibles in Portugal-Street, near Lincolns-Inn-Fields, 1708
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 7.  Compassionate Management of Mental Health in the Modern Workplace
/ Quelch, John A.. - Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2018Zusammenfassung
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 8.  The people's impartiall, and compassionate monitor; about hearing of sermons: or, The worlds preachers and proselites lively painted out, for a person of quality : upon occasion of hearing two famous divines, whose transcendent wit, oratorie, and elegancie, made many at their wits end with admiration! Being a rare discovery to vndeceive the deceiver
/ Younge, Richard. - London : Printed by J.B. for James Crumpe in Little Bartholomews Well-yard, 1657
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 9.  Tears for Jerusalem, or, The compassionate lamentation of a tender hearted saviour over a rebellious and obdurate people : a subject entered upon on the late day of solemn humiliation, December 6, 1655, afterwards prosecuted, and now published as useful at all times, but very seasonable for the present
/ Brinsley, John. - London : Printed by J.L. for Tho. Newberry, 1656
Online Ressourcen (ohne Zeitschr.) 10.  The conformist's plea for nonconformists, or, A just and compassionate representation of the present state and condition of the non-conformists : as to I. The greatness of their sufferings ... VI. The churches prejudice by their exclusion, &c
/ Pearse, Edward. - The third edition. - London : Printed for Jonathan Robinson, 1683
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